Lineset Standard Black Elastomeric:

Pre-Insulated - Standard and Mini-Split Elastomeric Black Linesets

Elastomeric Thermal Black Insulated Linesets

CLI Lineset Standard Black Elastomeric

We are proud to offer over 740 different standard combinations of lengths, thicknesses, liquid lines, suction lines, and insulations on our linesets.

  • Meets ASTM B208 & C534 Specifications
  • Flame Spread Index is rated at 25/50 Plenum rated to ASTM E84, UL723, NFPA 255
  • Thermally effective from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 200 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Tough, Flexible Weather Resistant UV outer layer (ASTM G90) makes installation quick, efficient, and economical

Product Specifications:
Linesets are copper tubing lines used to connect split systems air conditioners and heat pumps. Installation is quick, efficient and economical. Factory assembly of Linesets assures Quality & Consistency.

Additional Features:

  • Water vapor permeability per ASTM E96
  • Standard linesets available with plain end or 90 degree bends
  • Mini-split linesets available with plain ends or single/double flared ends
  • Submittals available upon request

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