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Inner-Grooved copper coils have a smooth outer and a grooved inner surface. Now EagleSpec Grooved provides high efficiency coils for heat transfer applications.

Cambridge-Lee supplies customers in numerous HVAC markets; including but not limited to the following applications: air conditioning (commercial, residential & window); refrigeration units; chillers; freezers; heating units; as well as split-system central air.

EagleSpec Grooved Inner-Grooved level wound copper tube

EagleSpec Grooved Inner-Grooved level wound copper tube is produced from our new cast & roll operation in Reading, Pennsylvania. EagleSpec Grooved Inner-Grooved (LWC) tube is used in a variety of spectrums in the industry, most notably in heat exchangers. It provides the heat transfer coefficient on the inner surface to meet the growing demands within the market for higher energy efficiency and less product usage, and reduces refrigerant optimization.

Material Quality
Type DHP (UNS C12200) Copper produced from Copper Cathode
Copper produced to ASTM standard, B743, B903 and B359/B359M
The inner and outer surface shall be clean, smooth and free from harmful defects and toxic films.

Sizes Available:

Cambridge-Lee EagleSpec Grooved Inner-Grooved is manufactured in various wall dimensions and diameters.

For product size availability, please consult Cambridge-Lee’s Sales Department.