High Speed Machining Copper and Alloy rods and Custom Copper bars are produced at our parent facility in Mexico and shipped directly to you.

We specialize in meeting your needs.

Extruded Products

Product Application Available Properties Specification
Tellurium Copper Torch Tips Rods and Rectangles ASTM B301
Sulfur Copper Welding 1/2 commercial tolerance
Electrical Connectors
Copper Bus Bars Switch Gear Silver or Tin Plated ASTM B187
Electrical Distribution
Anode Bars Smelting Large Cross Section Bars ASTM B187
Specific Lengths
Brass Rods Screw Machines Free Cutting Brass ASTM B16
Plumbing – Valves Fittings CDA 220, 260, 345, 350, 353, 377, 464, 485 Various
Locks Custom Shapes
Custom Copper Shapes Made to your PRINT, view Inventory of Custom Shapes